Africa: Economic Policy Options for African Economies in Advent of Brexit, Trump

[Nation] There are interesting coincidences in the Brexit and "America first" movements. First is their timing and ideological convergence, second is the affinity between their prime movers, and third is that the three men -- Mr Boris Johnson and Mr Nigel Farage of Brexit, and President Donald Trump of "America first" -- all share German ancestry.

Africa: White House Readout on @POTUS Calls with Presidents Buhari and Zuma

[White House] Readout of the U.S. President's Call with President Jacob Zuma of South Africa President Donald J. Trump spoke this week with President Jacob Zuma of South Africa to discuss ways to expand cooperation and trade between the United States and South Africa. President Trump highlighted the strong bilateral trade ties between the two countries and expressed interest in identifying new, mutually beneficial opportunities for trade. President Trump also suggested that the United States and South Africa do more to